A look into Boorowa’s past

This week’s History Snippet comes from June 24, 1927 and it seems appropriate that an advertisement for golf made the paper. 

The year’s two biggest annual golf tournaments, the Gungewalla and Canemumbula Cups may have come and gone (results from the Canemumbula Cup in Sport today) but golf has been getting considerable coverage for the past 90 years. 

This advertisement for golf clubs would have come one year after the very first Gungewalla Cup was played in 1926. 

The William Say advertisement also had some humour, promising no “bogey” about the prices. 

In other exciting news, Dame Nellie Melba travelled to Young for a series of concerts in the region. 

There were to be her only three concerts in the Southern region, in Goulburn, Young and Cootamundra in July. 

Her company included Mr Stuart Robertson, Mr Lindley Evans and Mr John Lemmone. 

There was also an emphasis placed on the importance of local news to enhance Boorowa, to “Shop in Your Own Town and Boorowa Move”.