Crop circle spotted dotted near Boorowa

It was described by one website as a “Seed of Life” inside of a nested “Vesica Piscis”, and bears a striking similarity to the map of a total solar eclipse”, but whatever it was, the ‘crop circle’ that appeared on a farm south of Boorowa had everyone talking.

From websites to Facebook and Twitter, to television to radio and even YouTube, Boorowa became famous worldwide last week.

Aerial images taken by local Rosco Williams, uploaded to the website Crop Connector, went viral.

Everyone wanted to know just where the ‘crop circle’ was, how it appeared and what exactly it was.

Mr Williams, who owns an ultra-light aircraft, was approached by visitors from Sydney who were interested in finding the ‘crop circle’.

He could not find it by car - after initially being told it was 15km south of Boorowa - so he took to the air and found the ‘crop circle’ 30km south of Boorowa, just off the Yass Road the previous Sunday.

Fading light on Sunday prevented him from taking photos so up again he went on Monday.

However, when he went to take photos, his camera mysteriously would not work, although Mr Williams believes this had nothing to do with aliens as it eventually worked.

Mr Williams took the photos that you see here in the paper today and while he is not sure how it got there, he was impressed.

“It was very well done,” Mr Williams said of the ‘crop circle’. “It looked really good from the air.”

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